Hi there!!

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.

You’re probably wondering who this handsome bearded guy with a camera is? Well…tis I, Warren Blair, the Owner/Photographer here at Warren Blair Photography.

Over a decade ago, I received my first digital camera (a Canon Powershot A520 Compact) after months of scouring photography magazines and websites, fascinated by the images captured by talented photographers and amateurs I was inspired to capture my own.

After months of practice at rock gigs, local beauty spots and events around Northern Ireland, I moved to a Fujifilm F47d (which would you believe, I still have and use) then onto the Canon EOS 450D as my first foray into SLR photography. Ultimately, I settled on a Canon EOS 40D  as my main camera until 2019 when I decided to pick up a Canon 5D Mark II which is now my primary camera.

Over the past decade, I have practiced my art in various settings from weddings to race tracks, concerts to comic cons, the streets of London to the scenery of Antrim. I have developed a particular love for landscape, Portraiture and concert photography but so long as I’m behind a lens, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the moment! I have also been published in a range of media, both locally and Internationally.

I’m always eager to capture the moment, no matter what that may be so please feel free to contact me if you have any requests.